Sunday, March 27, 2005

Exclusive interview with Ms. Anne Holland, MarketingSherpa, Inc

As I said, today I will publish two interviews. The first is with Ms. Anne Holland, president of MarketingSherpa. An 19-year publishing industry veteran, previously served as the Head of Marketing for HollandPhillips Business Media, a $100 million publishing company. She helped launch one of the world's first profitable subscription sites in 1995, and the trade publications Interactive Marketing News in 1994 and MIN's New Media in 1995. Holland founded MarketingSherpa, a privately held media company, in January 2000 with the mission of helping marketers, advertisers and PR pros improve results, by publishing real-world marketing data and Case Studies.

Dejan Bizinger
) Your company MarketingSherpa is highly recognized as one of
the best e-marketing resources. What is the secret of your success?

Anne Holland
) I wish there was a secret because that would make our work easier! But, it's just very, very hard work and persistence. Everyone asks how we get our exclusive case studies. I find that very funny because it's nothing more than good old fashioned journalism.

DB) You sell many publications in your SherpaStore, both in printed and in PDF version. What is the ratio in buying between printed and PDF books?

) Good question! It started out at about 60% printed, 40% PDF. But now five years later it's about 30% printed and 70% PDF. The length of a report can affect things -- some of our reportsare more than 200 pages long and lots of people don't want to print that many pages out.

DB) What is your opinion about future Internet trends?

) RSS will not replace email, it's a supplement that has yet to be tested in mainstream. Search marketing will continue to grow substantially as a staple in most marketer's budgets. Email is now fairly steady as a budget item and marketing tactic, I expect slight growth. Same for banners and contextual ads. Rich media and behavioral ads will growth 30% or more in thenext two years and then level off. Wireless ads may finally penetrate US marketplace as the big cellular providers merge. And ecommerce will continue to grow outside the US asinternational consumers learn to trust online and credit cards.

) How much do you work daily?

AH) I work pretty typical hours for a president of a publishing company... I get in around 9:15am and leave around 7pm, and don't ever take lunch. Now that we're in our fifth year and fairly established, I only work weekends occasionally. Plus I'll be able to take my first vacation in five years this summer in conjunction with a speaking engagement in Zadar Croatia!

DB) What is the last book you read?

) I'm reading several books about Yugoslavia, Serbia and Croatia to prepare for my trip.

DB) What is the favorite reward for yourself?

) Hiking in the wilderness and in national parks.

DB) What is your favorite web site?

) - I use it constantly.

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